TAKE HOME CHEF - Cooking With Vodka
Starters (Choose One)

Citrus Vodka Infused Chicken Wings

Roasted Garlic White Bean Vodka Soup served in a Roasted Tomato

Goat Cheese Stuffed Chilies and Dates with Sweet Pepper Vodka Sauce

Or Choose a Vodka Food Flight:

Vodka Potato Leek Flight

Vodka Pizza Flight

Vodka Fruit Flight

Mains (Choose One)

Vodka Bottled Chicken

Grilled Chicken with Vodka Apricot and Cumin Glaze

Lemon Vodka Chicken

Orange Vodka Chicken

Pork or Lamb Kebabs with Pomegranate and Vodka

Filet Mignon with Vodka Teriyaki Sauce (served over Fresh Herbs and Shrimp)

Shrimp and Mango Vodka Stir Fry

Lobsters Steamed in Vodka with Vodka Tarragon Sauce

Spicy Encrusted Tuna with Lemon Vodka and Thyme Dressing

Desserts (Choose One)

Berry Vodka Romanoff

Russian Gelatin

Espresso Vodka Loaf

Chocolate Vodka Mousse

Orange Vodka Souffles

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